If you have never been to the Longview Museum of Fine Arts (hereby referred to as LMFA), you are missing out on something amazing. This little spot of Longview, TX has become a staple for locals and those around Texas as a whole. There are artists from around the world including the wonderful works of world renowned photographer Laura Wilson. The loving mother of Owen Wilson, Laura has works from around Texas and from many different decades. Some of her most famous works are present in the LMFA as you read this! If you are reading soon after I am posting it as these photos are soon to leave, and I really recommend going as soon as you can. The photos are just amazing and share so much passion and love. The stories they tell are magnificent. I want to tell you, however, specifically about the night that I was able to attend.

The LMFA has tons of events scheduled each month. This one in particular had a special events that I was fortunate enough to attend. You see, I have an in with the Hilton Garden Inn, Longview, and they had a few free tickets. I was smart enough to grab me a spot on this night. I encourage you to take a look at the LMFA.org website and see what their events are. The art is gorgeous and the events are outstanding. The one I was able to attend was a small concert type setup. (It was BYOB, so we naturally had some fun!). The event his Friday evening was a folk artist by the name of Nels Andrews* and his accompanying guitarist Rory Cloud** (You can find their social links below ;D). I must say, they did a fantastic job both on commentary and the music they played. Let’s talk more deeply about that!

Nels was a fantastic singer with a great voice and wonderful stories. He told of his journeys through life and about the things hes done. He told of travels to Ireland and England and of being a chauffeur for famous people in Hollywood and meeting other famous people. He told stories of people he met and of things that happened to him. Adventures of his life abounded and he showed this in his song and in his story telling capabilities. Let alone that he was a pleasure to talk to. He was nice and humble about his work. He was thankful that we even showed up and you could tell he had love for his work just by listening to him sing and talk about his life.

Rory was an amazing guitarist. The tabs he was hitting I could’t dream to reach. It was almost a mix of classical spanish music and newer folk country. A genre of its own, he excelled at it. I got to speak with him just as I did Nels and he had an affinity for photography believe it or not!

Next I want to mention how adorable and sweet the staff at the LMFA are. I was fortunate to meet a few people there. Allen, a Board Member, Kieth, their talent coach, and Tiffany Jehorek, the Executive Director for the Longview Museum of Fine Arts. They were so kind that I even got a personal tour of the Photography exhibit by Laura Wilson. Alen showed my wife, her sisters, and me around and telling stories of how he met her in person and had dinner with her. I won’t spoil the images or their stories, they’re worth going to see for yourself, but it is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

I encourage everyone to go and see this gem of a place, it is certainly a one of a kind experience. In fact, I encourage you to sign up for their membership, you get access to all the shows and events that go on. $30 is nothing when compared to the amount we all spend on coffee! (My wife especifically!)