I have a passion for photography. It is in my blood and a part of who I am. My mind wanders back to my childhood, where I would run through the halls of my grandmothers house to the back room filled with her camera equipment and stay for hours helping her. In this room I fell in love with photography and my grandmother taught me everything she knew.

As she developed an early form of Alzheimer and was unable to continue her love of photography, i fell in love with the idea of safeguarding a person, a feeling, a memory.

When I photograph precious moments in people's lives, I understand these photos will be capturing priceless memories. The human mind may not remember everything it wants to, but a photo will never forget. I am ever in search of that one photo that will never forget a moment in time and mean something to not only myself, but to someone else as well. I want to be able to bring joy to someone from a moment that has passed.

You know, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I believe a photo can be worth the world.


Ashton Garrison

“So sweet and wonderful to work with! Likes to get to know his clients so it doesn’t feel like a shoot and run kind of deal. Haha
Hope to work with Mason again soon!”

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